How does it work?

Let’s define the different parts of our solution :



Something that is measurable
Example : Presence of smoke, water, concentration of CO2, pressure, light, temperature, images, …



A device which is able to measure an event and produces data.



A device which is connected to the cloud and which gathers data from a set of sensors.



Internet Services provided by interconnected  computers.



Algen’s Software which centralizes all data on a friendly and customizable user interface.



Any meaningful and useful action that can be performed thanks to the dashboard.


So with the above definitions, here is how Algen’s Solution work in 6 steps:


 1  2  3  4  5  6
Events sensors gateway cloud DashBoards Action

 An event is produced:

  • a door is opened
  • temperature increases
  • smoke is present

 A sensor measures the event and produces a message containing data

The gateway gathers the data from different sensors and after some processing sends the data to the cloud The cloud acts as a virtual place to store data. The dashboard allows further analysis and filtering on the data to provide useful information and alerts. Thanks to the dashboard, actions can be planned or executed, automatically or manually. The system can also learn from historical data.