GWS Project Management

Project Management, at your service

GWS is an easy solution based on OpenSource software served as a turn-key package on premises or on the cloud for project management and SMB needs.

It empowers small to medium businesses with a simple one stop-solution for managing projects and people, giving you value, right now.

  • Managers can better organize projects and keep deadlines.
  • Workers get better glance at the project status
  • The company benefits from better quality production and knowledge building.

 Let’s work better, now!

With GWS, you will get:

  • Less emails
  • More social interaction and involvement of the actors
  • A clear view of what happened or should happen
  • To spend less time looking for information
  • Really much less emails
  • To focus on value
  • To be able to go through the history of past projects



Manage & Plan Workload

  • Assign, update, share tasks, keep a clear track of your objectives and your deadlines. Make your project management clear for everyone, the priorities and the deadlines of the tasks that should be carried out.
  • Each team member has a personalized dashboard displaying recent activity and task to do.
  • GWS also automatically generates Gantts and calendars to display to you team.


  • Know your accounts, keep an history of your relation with them and assign team to your Sales team members.
  • Don’t lose sales opportunities because of lost emails!

Social collaboration

  • Forums and micro blogging enhance Social interactions within the company.
  • Better communication makes teams stronger and more able at delivering in time.

Document Management System

  • Centralize the management of the documents, no more lost documents, they are available and  all revisions are kept. Approval and notifications are available to better integrate with company processes.

Managerial Alerts

  • To be sure not to miss an important deadline, set yourself reminders easily. You can even ask to receive SMS alerts for the most critical tasks.

HR Management

  • Company organization charts and employees’ information charts make GWS the one stop self-service shop for getting information workers are entitled to.
  • Attendance

Knowledge Management

  • Make sure your organization learns from its projects! The knowledge developed for a project must be capitalized for project maintenance or similar project.
  • Internal Wiki and Knowledge base are integrated in GWS to build knowledge. Formalize the most used pieces of knowledge to save time later.


  •  GWS is web based and protected by SSL, the same technology that protects online-shopping.
  • It is possible to integrate the authentication with Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP directory).
  • Can be used as an Extranet (accessible other internet) or and Intranet (bound to a local network).

Source Code Management

  •  Software development teams can benefit of the built-in source-code management (CVS, SVN, Git, Mercurial) integrated with the task management.
  • Easily implement SCRUM agile methodology to focus development efforts.




Reduce the volume of emails, streamline communication, focus on the value.


Dashboards, roadmaps, tasks, make every actor understand the steps to meet deadlines.

Stay on top of your project

Understand what is blocking your projects, manage your teammates tasks, evaluate tasks complexity, manage your roadmaps, decide when you want to receive information about your projects, …