At Beijing Tech Hive, experimenting and building a solution during the week-end

Algen is today (and tomorrow) participating in the Beijing Tech Hive event.


We have a great team in place: Mena, Harry, Wang Xing and Wei wei, with Julien and me.


  • Harry has experience already with Arduino and hardware.
  • Mena has helped us find historical temperature data
  • Wang Xing has developed a software to analyse historical data and return mean and lambda for a given date and location.
  • Wei wei has helped us finding LED lights to build a prototype of light “follower”.

We went out to find some hardware, we found temperature and light sensors for Arduino, but we couldn’t find Zigbee modules for our Arduino board on time.

We decided to test ACP220 Radio data comm module instead of using Zigbee. We spent sometime configuring it, but we are now able to communicate between devices.

So I believe we are on right tracks to integrate everything during the week-end and make a demo with not only new devices, but also new technologies and a brand new team !

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